As technology develops, the future of the food and restaurant sector is also evolving. Robots and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are being used in restaurants and kitchens to prepare food and also to serve them without the use of humans. We have already seen how today’s technology drastically improved and has made its way into our everyday lives. The rapid advancement of machine intelligence has transformed many food sectors also the dining experience is no exception. As technology continues to advance, unquestionably, a satisfying dining experience is among the most important components of modern life, and from the dawn of time, people have been coming up with novel ways to eat. Also, the use of Machine Intelligence has made dining more comfortable and straightforward than before. This shift could lead to increased efficiency and cost savings for the dining industry, & as well as improved quality and consistency of the food products with more delicious and nutritious also creates new flavour’s, and tries to improve the customer experience according to the customer’s choice also.

Machine Intelligence be the Game Changer in terms of Publicity?

Despite its being a new concept, restaurant automation is rapidly attracting popularity and as being a marketing stunt. Also many restaurants are planning to use AI, automation, and robots which are familiar now and coming days. “Automation is going to have a big impact on the restaurant business in the future, and the winners are going to be the ones that ensure the best dining experience to the customers”. In addition, intelligence and robots are also being used as customer service tasks such as providing recommendations, taking orders, suggesting the meal based on their dietitian plan, cleaning, restocking, etc. These concepts are not only used in the industry in terms of marketing but also in terms of Increase efficiency, less labour cost, and Standards operation errors.

AI in the hotel industry for cooking:

In the food industry with the help of this technology, Restaurants around the world are using various kinds of Machine Intelligence to streamline operations.

  • Like a “robot chef”, which tosses & cooks the food and puts them in bowls, all in less than 3 minutes. Also, the robot performs various functions ranging from cooking and flipping the food and even placing them on plates and topping them.

The aim of using this technology is to increase the quality and consistency of products and to increase food safety by keeping human employees away from hot food.

AI in the Hotel Industry for Serving Food:

All this is one phase of using technology in cooking, food industries also use AI to serve food for the customers to keep away from human interaction. Like some restaurants,

  • After taking an order from the customers a small toy train takes care of all your orders, processes them, and then brings your meal on a mini toy train that will stop at your table… in some cases, robots are used here.

It also spends some more time with the customer and helps in enhancing customer experience and satisfaction for them. Also, people want to have an experience with these kind of restaurant where they may take stunning photos so they can share their fantastic eating experience with others on various social and other media platforms.

What are the Impacts?

 Moreover, these transformation of food industry also impact on the future of the dining industry likely to be significant. Therefore, the regular old authentic restaurants cannot afford to pass up the chance to wow restaurateurs, particularly on their first visit. As a result, the success of the company will depend on how pleased the clients are with the service and taste. Without a doubt, automation and artificial intelligence are among the best ways to improve the client experience, both in terms of the food and the hospitality.

What’s the Conclusion?

This is how the F&B industry is swiftly embracing restaurant automation, like with any new ideas has changed the way we eat, cook, and interact with restaurants. Even Machine Intelligence plays a critical role in the future of dinning industry. The old school way of food industry, restaurants might be changing in future, but the tradition may never get fade away. The F&B industry will just add an upgraded version to it! 

*About Sadgun Patha – Managing director and Co-founder of Platform65 (Sparkle Themes)

Sadgun Patha is the Managing director and co-founder of Platform65 parent company, Sparkle Themes. He is a young, innovative entrepreneur and an MBA graduate from the Institute of Public Enterprises. At the age of 19, he saw a gap in the F&B industry, thoroughly investigated it, and discovered that the client is seeking an innovative service. A service that offers enjoyable and memorable experiences. This led to him developing Platform 65 out of his entrepreneurial spirit and desire to close the gap in this sector by providing hospitable and creative service to Indian restaurateurs.