Dunnage packing can be termed as a preventive packaging solution used to avert unwanted damages that might spoil and weaken the quality of the goods while in transit. Apart from offering prevention to damages, dunnage packaging also tends to dole out a plethora of additional advantages such as suppleness, cost efficiency, inventive design & developments, proper coating, and defiance to external rough & rasping conditions. Dunnage packaging has now become highly popular in sectors such as construction, food & beverages, electronics, and automobile.

According to Allied Market Research, the global dunnage packaging market is anticipated to register a considerable CAGR from 2021 to 2030. In the last few years, there’s been a steady incline in demand for environmental-friendly and complete product safety properties, and dunnage packaging is being highly popular in the automotive sector, since this packaging aids in crafting lightweight packaging for modules while sustaining structural veracity, thus curtailing the transportation costs to a considerable extent. . American, Russian, Chinese organizations are some of the early endorsers of dunnage packaging.

Automobile manufacturers often convey finished and semi-finished automotive parts from different suppliers to the concerned associations. Such recurrent conveyance of heavy yet delicate goods have compelled the car manufacturers to look for sustainable packing solutions, since there always remains a risk of unwanted damage. Along with humidity protection and damage prevention, dunnage packaging ensures stress absorption too. And, this is how the demand for such packaging from the manufacturing ventures to minimize transport damages has just hit the roof.

The dunnage packaging market across Asia-Pacific has the highest market share in comparison to other regions such as North America, Europe, and LAMEA. Huge research & development activities in the countries like China and Japan make the dunnage packaging market highly dormant in nature. The electronics and automotive sectors are the major consumers of dunnage packaging in this province. Several novel technologies utilized in dunnage is anticipated to boost the dunnage packaging market even more.

When the conventional and standard packing approaches are less efficient and have compacted the limit for stowing goods in a carton or box, dunnage packaging is quite suitable for amassing the materials systematically without conceding the quality of the materials.

And, in order to help their customers with the best packaging material, one should always ensure that they are using the top quality corrugated boxes to dispatch the products. These wrapping & packing materials are highly cost-efficient with a number of different variants. Apart from the required safety they offer to the packages, the good quality dunnage contents also make sure that they are biodegradable and eco-friendly too. Especially, for e-commerce goods, use of dunnage has become highly preferred in several verticals, so as to validate the fact that the package reaches tamper-free at the doorstep of the customer.

Companies Covered: –

Orbis Corporation, Amatech, Inc., Interior Packaging Design, LLC, Keener Corporation, Artisanz Fabrication and Machine, LLC, Salco Engineering and Manufacturing Co., Inc., MJSolpac Ltd., DS Smith Plc, UFP Technologies, Inc., and Dunnage Engineering Limited.

Covid-19 scenario-

Here, it’s worth stating that the outbreak of the pandemic gave way to extended lockdown across the world and accordingly, the supply chain was hugely disrupted in the majority of countries, especially during the initial phase. Significant changes activities in operations led to a steep decline in need for dunnage packaging. Production of dunnage packaging almost became a challenge for most of the establishments, owing to scarcity of skilled labor force, logistic issues, and distorted supply of raw materials. Also, there were huge fluxes in the prices of raw materials, as both the distributors and the sellers were seen to quotehigh prices for raw materials, which in turn amplified the packaging cost of dunnage altogether. However, as the global situation is getting ameliorated, the market is anticipated to revive soon.

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