Today, we can find canned fruits and vegetables almost everywhere in the market. You see that they are already cooked and just waiting to be eaten and you think: This is great! They will save me time cooking, and I will eat healthy food.

It may exist some people who disagree with this idea but statistics show that most people have adhered to this idea that canned foods are an easy, quick, and healthy alternative.

However, there are many problems with these fruits and vegetables packed in cans. And I will not explain to you why because everyone knows them well. However, the biggest problem is that they are inside a metallic container during cooking that adds unwanted and dangerous substances to our food and, therefore, our health.

What I want to discuss today is the effect on the human health of heating these vegetables or fruits in a metallic container which you can find out through the following facts:-

-First of all, those canned products lose most of their nutrients, such as Vitamin C.

-Canned fruits and vegetables contain many dangerous substances, which increase the risk of cancer since they react with the cells in our body.

-Heat accelerates the formation of toxins inside canned products because each substance heats up at its temperature rate. If you cook your food for a long time, then the food becomes more toxic.

These canned foods are cooked in salty water, and the salt becomes even more concentrated during the heating process. Thus, there is a more significant risk of hypertension, which can lead to heart disease.

-The metallic container had unleashed some trace elements into the fruit or vegetable when sterilized at high temperatures. These elements and trace metals can worsen the symptoms of diseases such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson and multiple sclerosis.

-Another problem is that canned fruits and vegetables lose some of their water inside the container, making you eat a more significant quantity but contains less food energy. You get more salt (which means more considerable amount), sugar (which means sweeter taste), and fewer nutrients than you expected. On the other hand, fruits canned in plastic containers don’t lose their water, containing more food energy.

The truth is that I do recommend eating canned fruits and vegetables only in case of emergency or when there is no other choice for you; however, I will not advise you to eat them weekly.  To sum up, canned fruits or vegetables are not healthy alternatives to fresh ones for many reasons, so don’t eat them every day.


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