Food Marketing & Technology Magazine hosted a Business Webinar on “Innovations in the Biscuit Industry” with Knowledge Partner “ Bühler Group”.

With the hopes of ensuring the accessibility of information among the masses, Food Marketing & Technology Magazine is bringing in a diverse set of topics to cover a vast range of the industry. Biscuit as an ingredient is versatile and can be molded into a plethora of sectors, which makes tackling the technological advancements a necessary when it comes to this ingredient.

Billions of people come into contact with Bühler technologies to cover their basic needs for food and mobility every day. For this, they develop the best process solutions along complete value chains. Two billion people each day enjoy foods produced on Bühler equipment; and one billion people travel in vehicles manufactured with parts produced with our machinery. Having this global relevance, they are in a unique position to turn today’s global challenges into sustainable and good business.

The market trends show significant growth in the global biscuits market, particularly in the Asia-Pacific region, driven by rising middle-class populations and a rise in the demand for healthy snacks. The Indian market also shows strong potential, with projections indicating that it could reach 5 million tonnes of biscuits being produced in India by 2030, led by cookies, crackers, and innovative products as the fastest-growing categories.

The ‘Top 5 Mega Trends’ in the biscuit industries are:

  • Health & nutrition
  • Digitalization
  • Growing population
  • Sustainability
  • Individualization

The demand is for clean label products using native grains, focussing on health and sustainability. Larger variety of products to suit individual needs and on-the-go snacks are the need of the hour. The focus from the producers is also on the reliable and efficient solutions which reduce waste and energy as well as provide a higher degree of traceability.

The Bühler’s approach to innovation is robust, it focuses on creating products that respond to emerging consumer demands. For instance, for the biscuits Bühler has developed products like chickpea, lentil, and buckwheat flour-based cracker, which are marketed as healthy, gluten-free, and vegan options.

Bühler’s commitment to addressing broader societal needs through its operational philosophy, which balances the demands of humanity, nature, and economy. Bühler’s technology, e.g. the Meincke Turbo ovens and the V-60 depositor, are designed for efficient and sustainable forming and baking processes. The V-60 depositor provides benefits such as high weight and shape accuracy. The Meincke Turbo ovens are one of the most energy efficient ovens, delivering reduced energy consumption and the Meincke Turbo E has the capability to operate with zero emissions. The industry underscores the shift towards environmentally friendly baking solutions, with a focus on reducing energy losses and promoting renewable energy use.

In conclusion, the Bühler emphasizes strategic focus on technological advancements, market trends, and global needs, with a particular emphasis on sustainability and innovation in the food and advanced materials sectors. The company’s extensive global presence and forward-thinking products showcase its role as a key player in shaping a more sustainable and efficient future for food production and material processing worldwide. 

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