WoX Energy Drinks, one of the premier energy drinks across the globe proudly announces its association with G-Town Wines, the renowned chain of imported liquor stores offering Indian as well as imported liquor brands.

As it is going on a rapid expansion spree, this tie-up enables the brand to cement its retail store presence. Under the collaboration, it will come on the right shelf in various multi-brand stores, delivering customers with access to the complete range of products, including the Classic Edition.

The association will allow the brand to expand its reach across the region and position itself as a preferred energy drink brand for consumers.

Consumers who are explorative with exceptional energy drinks can experience niche taste and premium quality. In this regard, it will effectively cater to the requirements of contemporary consumers with niche requirements.

“We are elated to partner with the preeminent G-Town Wines and look forward to bolstering our reach and presence in the Indian market. Leveraging their extensive network and customer-centric approach, we are confident that this collaboration will take us to new heights and offer consumers a rejuvenating experience like never before,” said Wox.

“With this association, we have expanded our portfolio to energy drinks from mare liqurs. We hope to see a lot of footfall in our stores and hope that it expands the horizon of our product offerings,” said Town Vines.