Scottish craft brewery, WooHa Brewing Company, has announced a full rebrand and new product launches as part of a £1.5 million investment plan. The brewery says it has been able to execute the rebrand, across its entire product range, following a crowdfunding campaign in January which raised over £600,000. Since it was founded in 2015, WooHa has expanded its distribution footprint, entering new markets in Europe and South East Asia, as well as the US. The Kinloss-based company says the rebrand acknowledges the need to tailor the brand to its growing international customer base. As such, it moves away from its existing cartoon cow imagery, while still paying homage to WooHa’s Scottish provenance. The move is said to mark the start of plans to expand the brewery’s current production by 17 times over the next three years. The brand has also recently introduced several new products to its range, including a ‘fruity and herbaceous’ session pale ale, Hello Friday, and craft lager Northern Mischief. Heather McDonald, WooHa founder and chief executive, said: “Our bold new look brings a completely fresh perspective to the brand. It represents the brewery’s fun and energetic persona and our ambitious plans for expansion. “Our main concerns with creating a new look were to streamline the brand and boost sales by creating a more vibrant, eye-catching label to reflect the friendliness of our brewery and appeal to our international markets. “Our vision remains strongly focused on the expansion of WooHa and we are continuing to work on bringing high quality craft beers to our customers across the globe.” WooHa has also announced that it has secured a listing with distributor Cress Co which it says will extend its reach into the domestic trade sector.