Wildermart, a Bengaluru based healthy and sustainable grocery store start-up has raised $320K seed funding round from Angel Investors to accelerate customer acquisition and retention, build brand salience and hire right talent.

It has successfully attracted an interesting mix of investors who are prominent names across industries. The group of angel investors include Sairee Chahal – Founder, Sheroes, Anand Rangaswamy, ex-CEO, Latam and UK Godrej Consumer Products ltd., Sreenivasan Ramki, Gangs T Gangadhar, Sandeep Komaravelly, Anuroop Krishnan, Chetna Soni, Sunainika Singh, Aditya Krishna, Shivanandan Pare, Rohit Bhojaraj, Raj Narayan, Vikram Dani, Sid N., Abhinav Mathur, Shivram Anantharaman, Ashish Dutt and Kedar Gavane.

Founded in 2021 by Shweta Thakur and Swaroop Mohan and launched by Maneka Gandhi, Wildermart has been conceived out of the founders’ passion for mindful consumption as they live by that philosophy.

It is one of its kind businesses which is built on the 3Ps of the Triple Bottom Line – People, Planet and Profit and offers over 1500 plus products across 30 plus categories and the products range from certified organic stapes to F&V, clean label artisanal packaged foods to chemical free personal and home care products. It is now rapidly growing from just an online store to having an omnichannel presence in the near future.

Thakur said, “We feel very validated in our vision at this stage. We can’t wait to start realising it. We play a role in accelerating the journey towards conscious consumption and it would be our version of making a dent in the universe! We are feeling extremely fortunate to have got the kind of investors we have in this round. They all come with complementing industry expertise and we are certain that this partnership will strengthen our value proposition.”

“As a brand, we talk about slowing down, but we need to do that fast coz the health of the people and the planet is deteriorating every passing minute. So the investment cycle is required for us to take this message out there faster. We have spent the last 11 months in studying the market and understanding that there is a strong market fit for our offering. This angel funding is going to help us find the right customers and make them our early adopters. That will then snowball,” added Thakur.

Swaroop said, “An average human anywhere in the world wants to live a slow life – most of us have that farm, beach, hill living in our heads. But in our fast world, we somewhere feel it’s unrealistic and impossible. So we take vacations to new places to get a bit of that story