The arrival of winters calls for some warmness. Cornitos is an absolute partner in the most magical season of the year. To stay healthy and active in the cold go for some tasteful and healthy nuts. The brand brings to you Roasted Cashews, California almonds, Peanuts and Corn Nuts in exotic flavours and with health benefits for an active lifestyle. Gear up and get ready to welcome the winter season with these mouthwatering snacks.

Cashews- Enjoy the premium roasted cashews in two flavours- Lightly salted with the right amount of salt and pepper & herbs- the unique combination of flavours. This makes for a perfect healthy snack.

Almonds- The rich and healthy almonds in two flavours; with the perfect blend of salt, the lightly salted almonds keep you ready for an active lifestyle.Smokey barbeque- the zesty smokey flavours make it a perfect snack.

Corn Nuts- Host a party with the crunchy Corn Nuts which are offered in three flavours- the thrilling Cheesy Jalapeno Corn Nuts, the irresistible Lemon Chili Cilantro and the Ideal Spanish Tomato Corn Nuts.

Roasted Peanuts- These Long peanuts are healthy and full of taste which cannot be resisted