WayCool Foods, India’s leading food and agri-tech company, has announced an investment in AllFresh Supply Management Private Limited (AllFresh), as part of its strategy to create a Keiretsu in the global food supply chain.

It has been pioneering the development of modern supply chains in the apple and citrus spaces, introducing state-of-the-art practices and technology to erode food loss and extend shelf life of these products. With increase in prosperity, the consumption of premium fruit is expected to grow rapidly in India.

As the nation ramps up its acreage under cultivation to meet this growing demand, the company will leverage its capabilities, as well as network of apple and citrus growers, and farmers in Himachal Pradesh, Punjab, Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh, among other locations, connecting their output to the company’s extensive network of over 1,25,000 retail clients.

The investment will help the company further invest in its capabilities in post-harvest tech to enhance quality and extend shelf life. It will also benefit from increased access to its deep and dense distribution network in India, and UAE.

Chinna Pardhasaradhi, Group CFO, WayCool Foods, said, “We welcome AllFresh into the WayCool Family. The investment in AllFresh will further strengthen our sourcing of premium apples and citrus from across India. WayCool already brings these products from global sources. Our investment in AllFresh therefore completes our supply chain capability and enables us to deliver fresh fruit year-round.”

Naresh Jawa, founder and promoter, AllFresh, said, “I am delighted to be on board with WayCool. AllFresh and WayCool pursue the common objective of formalising the scattered fruit and vegetable industry in India. Our aim is to reduce pre and post-harvest wastage, and realize better value for farmers, using state-of-the-art knowledge and technology. We look forward to extending our acquired expertise in efficient procurement and marketing of Indian Apples & Oranges to a wider basket of premium fruits along with WayCool