McDonald’s India – North & East has listened to its customers and relaunched an old customer favourite. The Veg Surprise Burger is back on popular demand, as part of the menu at McDonald’s India – North and East.

A complete value for money, the Veg Surprise Burger is priced at Rs 65, available à-la-carte or with Value Meals and Double Patty variant at McDonald’s restaurants in North and East India or through McDelivery (including Swiggy, Zomato and Magic Pin), takeaway, or drive-thru.

“At McDonald’s, we’re always listening to meet the evolving needs of our customers. On popular demand, we are excited to bring back the Veg Surprise Burger to our menu. With a unique taste, crunchiness and distinctive flavour, added by an optimal quantity and combination of select Italian herbs, the Veg Surprise Burger is set to be yet another exciting option for McDonald’s fans,” said, Rajeev Ranjan, managing director, McDonald’s India – North and East.

Veg Surprise is a delectable treat for McDonald’s fans, who prefer vegetarian options. It comes with a crunchy patty made with chunky potato bites, perfectly seasoned with the finest Italian herbs including parsley and chilli flakes for a mildly spicy flavour. This mélange is topped with a delicious Italian Herb Sauce made with the choicest of herbs and then shredded onions to add to the crunch, and then sandwiched between freshly toasted signature bun.

As part of its commitment to the Indian culture and sensitivities, the company has separate kitchen sections to ensure vegetarian and non-vegetarian menu items are cooked and prepared separately. All mayonnaise used in vegetarian burgers are eggless preparations.

The company has been continuously evolving its menu items, adding new and exciting options, as per the tastes and preference of its customers. Most recently, it introduced Cheesy Fries with Smoky Chipotle Sauce. Among one of the most notable launches this year is the Butter Chicken Grilled Burger & Butter Paneer Grilled Burger. The brand has also recently relaunched its breakfast menu in select restaurants across North and East India.