Prepare to embark on a thrilling and delicious journey as Foo & Anggel’s Share take you off the beaten cocktail path with the second volume of The Blacklist Menu -Foo’s signature cocktail program. This volume, rightly named as Unmapped is a collection that dares to explore unknown territories, crafted with spirits from Anggel’s Shares’ portfolio from around the world.

Vineeth Krishnan, the Beverage Manager at Pebble Street Hospitality has collaborated with brand ambassadors of the respective brands to curate this special cocktail menu.. Showcasing a diverse range from Japan to Mexico, the menu truly unveils an array of undiscovered and delightful treasures from around the globe. Raise your glass and say cheers to Tuscany with Hold the Wine, an easy to go and refreshing cocktail using Sabatini Gin from Italy. Let the flavours of Mexico dance on your palate with Florista made with El Salto Mezcal from Santiago Matatlán, a vibrant and fruity cocktail or immerse yourself in the soothing and aromatic blend of Código 1530 Blanco tequila and chamomile with Abuela’s Jardin from Amatitán, Jalisco, trust us, it’s worth a shot. Revel in the vibrant and exotic flavors of India’s beloved jamun fruit with Jamun Club made using Baagh Indian Gin from Maharashtra. Transport yourself to a tropical paradise with the refreshing combination of Flor de Caña 12 Y.O Rum from Managua, Nicaragua and coconut with Coco Caña. Made using Barsol Pisco—a testament to the rich traditions and flavors of Ica, Peru, is the Quebran Tai, a drink as unique as its name. Bringing together the rich and robust flavors of Teeling whiskey, cold brew and stout beer is the next drink- The Stout Irishman from Dublin, Ireland, this one’s for all the cold brew lovers! Discover the exquisite craftsmanship of Masumi Sake Kuro Black from Nagano Prefecture, an embodiment of Japanese precision and artistry with the Sake Sour, this is a must try on the menu. Last but definitely not least, is The First Lady, a powerful and elegant drink with flavours of South African wine from Stellenbosch- Warwick The First Lady Pinotage.

Speaking of the Blacklist menu launch, Keenan Tham, Managing Director & Co-founder, Pebble Street Hospitality said, “Our vision for Foo has always been to offer exceptional drinks alongside our delectable food. Introducing The Blacklist, our signature cocktail program, is a step forward for Foo, showcasing both the best of culinary delights as well as remarkable beverages. This collaboration has allowed us to unveil these hidden gems and infuse them with our unique Foo twist, promising an elevated drinking experience for our valued patrons”.

This limited-edition menu will be available from 24th June to 31st July across all Foo outlets in Mumbai & Bengaluru So let your taste buds wander and your spirit be adventurous with the tantalizing Blacklist Menu: Unmapped Edition!

Please note: The Jamun Club cocktail is available only at the Mumbai outlets and the Florista is made using Mexcalia in Foo in Bengaluru