TTK Prestige has introduced Omega Select Plus – Paniyarakkal/ Appe Patra, a smart cookware allowing consumers to prepare a variety of delicacies in ideal, bite-sized portions that will delight the taste-buds. In addition to its distinctive design, the product is packed with intelligent features to ensure a smooth, safe and healthy cooking experience.

The product allows you to make multiple tasty delights in just one cookware. From traditional Indian dishes like appams, paniyaram and littis, to innovative treats like noodle balls, brownies and dates & nuts dishes, consumers can use their imagination and create a variety of mini delicacies using one cookware. The product further enhances the cooking experience with new and advanced features. It comes with a unique elevated design that enables even distribution of heat to all the curved cavities of the cookware. This allows the batter in every pit to cook evenly, thus ensuring consistently delightful results in every piece.

The high performance cookware also makes cooking safer and your health better. The die-cast aluminium body comes with a special coating that ensures durability. Its scratch and abrasion resistant technology prevents scratches and corrosion, making the product extremely durable and metal-spoon friendly too. Additionally, being PFOA-free, the product ensures that there are no chemicals that can pose harm to the food and is safe and reliable to prepare meals. It also comes with a glass lid with a steam vent allowing you to watch the food while it cooks..