Tirupati Balaji Agro has unveiled its entry into the ready-to-eat food category and has unveiled a variety of flavours in the mushroom category with the name of Let’s Eat.

Ready-to-eat food products have grown in popularity primarily due to the work-from-home scenario and the brand is looking to capitalise on it. With work from home here to continue, in-home consumption of salted snacks has increased by 20% and instant meals like noodles and pasta, have risen by 4%.

The ready-to-eat category of foods is picking up in a major way especially with people spending more time at home due to the pandemic. Food normally has a number of preservatives for higher shelf life. The brand follows a strict policy of natural preservatives and fresh ingredients.

The tasty recipes are chosen carefully and advanced packaging ensures the perfect taste and flavour of the recipe. Quality check ensures only the finest ingredients are used and processed to make the final product. Just heat it on a flame or in an oven and enjoy the taste.

The company is looking forward to associating with experienced and knowledgeable distributors that can help in distributing snacks all across India. Range of product is 100% vegetarian, best to serve with naan, roti, chapatti, paratha, or rice.

Dr Prakash Bhosale said, “Success in business has taught Tirupati Balaji to be close to our consumer, and our foray into FMCG is to take this bond one step ahead. We want Let’s Eat to be a part of every grocery order in the country – we want to Let’s Eat be the food for all times; that’s with you all the time.”