The word ‘Cocktails’ usually paints the image of fancy glasses, complex orders, and a certain mysterious perfection. However, Tipsy Tiger, a new cocktail mixer brand is here to shake things up with its unapologetic flair. Founded by three friends – Sagar Sarin, Rushil Bhatia, and Abhishek Chopra, it is a fuss free cocktail mix brand.

A digital-first brand (available on Amazon and its D2C website), cocktail mixers, are available in four great flavours: Old Fashioned, Whiskey Sour, Bloodiest Mary, Orange & Kaffir Lime Mojito.

Perfect for any occasion with the convenience of an on-the-go format, the brand offers well-crafted flavours with no gluten or malt. The drinks are a classic refreshing cocktail mix that tastes like paradise in a bottle.

The brand defines itself as a mischievous cocktail brand for an anarchist world. As the world gets difficult to tolerate every day, with the never-ending pandemic, politics and problematic people, the brand’s icon, a person in a tiger suit tells you to deal with it, through a cocktail glass in hand, and a whole lot of fun.

Through various comic-book-style posts on Instagram and a hilarious profile resembling that of a real employee on LinkedIn, it tells you to relax, make a cocktail and get back at everything with sass and a dash of self-love.

“Our goal is to bring bar like quality cocktails to the fun, fuss-free setting of home or wherever people want to make a drink,” said Chopra.

The brand plans to sell these non-alcoholic mixers through retail stores in all metro cities in the coming months. The mixers have remained true to the traditional recipe but have given a twist with exotic fruit extracts, balanced flavours, non-alcoholic bitters.

The cocktail mixers contain no artificial colours and flavours, and have less than 5% added sugar. The drinks can also be consumed as mocktails by teetotalers