Achieve unrivaled results with Marel’s Revo Breader

Convenience products with a homestyle coating are more popular than ever in QSR and supermarkets all over the world. Traditionally, homestyle coating is a golden, flaky coating created by hand, which is notoriously difficult to produce on an industrial scale. However, by using the right equipment it is possible to create the perfect look and the crunchy bite of homestyle coating using an automated process.

Lay the right foundation

An accurate flour pre-dusting is key to a homestyle product with a crispy bite. To get an attractive, crunchy product, it is vital to keep the flour condition consistent and get optimum coverage of the product. That may sound simple, but working with the fine particles of flour is a science of its own.

Maximize the pickup

Tempura batter gives the ideal base for a flawless layer of coating and controls the pickup of breading. The challenge here is again to get optimum coverage of the product. The better the batter coverage, the better the pickup, the better the yield.

Get the authentic look

Homestyle’s textured look is formed as flour breading and batter fold into layers on the surface of the product. The best way to create this effect authentically, is using the gentle tumbling motion of a drum. When the drum rotates, it drops the product from a height, creating a controlled mechanical force. It is this force, combined with the time the product remains in the drum that is essential to building the layers of coating and creating the flaky homestyle texture.

Talk to the experts

Many factors combine to create the perfect homestyle coating. Marel offers an integrated, full line solution that makes the most efficient use of ingredients and delivers consistent, high-quality homestyle coated products. At the heart of the solution is the RevoBreader, which guarantees the ultimate coverage and optimal handling ensuring the very best product every time.

One machine – two functions

Marel’s Revo Breader has a unique drum size, which ensures a flaky homestyle texture that is second to none and perfectly suited for retail or QSR restaurants. The large drum guarantees high levels of pickup, optimum coverage and excellent retention of crumb during the frying process. The RevoBreader can also operate as a pre-dusting machine with optional dust cyclone to help maintain a clean, dust-free working environment.

Handling between coating and frying is also critical to ensure products do not stick together and the delicate layers of breading are preserved. The Revo Breader evenly spreads product across the belt after tumbling, without the need for additional manual handling. This not only reduces labor but also improves the products’ transition into the next processing step.

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