The Organic World (TOW), India’s largest organic and natural groceries retailer, has launched a marketing campaign – #TheBigSwitch – to urge consumers to make clean, chemical-free food & lifestyle choices.

As part of the campaign, the Bengaluru-based retailer has slashed the prices of key items including organic fruits and vegetables, groceries and kitchen essentials, atta, dal, oils, snacks, ghee, breakfast items, dairy products, as well as select home care and personal care products – covering all the must-haves of an average Indian family’s daily and monthly consumption basket.

The price of organic groceries has previously been something that consumers have been conscious about and by pricing its top groceries comparable to their conventional counterparts, TOW is making focused efforts to ensure that organic and natural products are accessible and affordable for the Indian consumer. The brand is working hard to make its prices comparable to the cost of conventional groceries. To this end, it is working directly with the farmers and other Farmer Producer Organisations (FPOs). Dedicated efforts are also being made to boost in-store customer communication, coupled with intensive staff training, in order to help nudge consumers from a need-driven consumption cycle to a more informed consumption pattern.

Commenting on the campaign, Karthik Subramaniam, COO, The Organic World, said, “At The Organic World, it has been our constant endeavour to make our range of ‘better choices’ available to the widest market possible. Organic produce has been traditionally always priced higher than conventional produce. This is primarily due to the quality of inputs required for good organic produce, right from the quality of ingredients to the manufacturing processes. However, this premium comes down as more players enter production and retailing, making the industry more organized. With #TheBig Switch campaign, we want to make sure that chemical-free groceries are now available at just a few rupees more, thereby encouraging consumers to make better choices.”

“Our focus is on strengthening the organic ecosystem, whereby consumers, producers as well as all stakeholders derive optimal value in the most sustainable manner. The brand works directly with farmer communities to support them and only partners with brands who share its vision to offer chemical- and preservative-free better choices to the consumer. The Responsible Retailer works with like-minded local brands, SMEs, and women entrepreneurs, giving them a strong platform to compete against the big box retailers,” he added.

Since the launch of its pilot store in 2016, TOW has been creating awareness about the compromises modern life has normalised and offering better choices to help consumers lead a chemical-free lifestyle.
Last year, the company announced the launch of its unique ‘Not In Our Aisle’ list, featuring 25 chemicals and harmful ingredients that do not find a spot on its store shelves, despite their industry popularity. This includes ingredients like high fructose corn syrup, a sweetener, found in soda, juice, candy, breakfast cereals, and packaged snacks; artificial flavourings/colours found in most snacks and packaged foods; Tertiary Butylhydroquinine (TBHQ), an antioxidant found in biscuits, microwave popcorn, butter substitutes, and chicken nuggets; carrageenan, an emulsifier, and thickener, found in cottage cheese and ice cream; parabens, sulphates and phthalates found in personal and beauty care products, as well as a range of acids and toxins found in home cleaning essentials.

Currently, TOW has 13 stores in Bengaluru, retailing 2000+ products, including organic-certified, fruits and vegetables, chemical-free atta, dal, rice, ghee, oil, nutritious snacking alternatives, toxin-free homecare products, natural personal care, health and wellness products as well as curated childcare products.