IST – the newest hard seltzer based out of Goa.

Based on an internationally validated concept, Hard Seltzers are the new wave of drinking – offering an alcohol content of 5% ABV (alcohol by volume), delivering the pleasant effects of a beer in a guilt-free manner – in just 99 calories, 2 grams of sugar and a gluten-free concoction, making it not only the lowest calories drink, but also the best tasting drink on your retail shelves! IST brings to you a fresh and diverse taste profile with exotic combinations of 100% natural flavors, providing a refreshing sensory experience for consumers looking to enrich their everyday routines.

Why Seltzer?

When the pandemic hit India, and the lines between work and home got blurrer, many brought the bar home, retiring to their rooms with a much-needed tipple after office hours. Others saw this as an opportunity to cut back on their drinking for health reasons, and voluntarily decided to give intoxicants a backseat. Seeing the need for this, we found that Seltzer’s tick all the boxes. It’s great tasting, has 5% alcohol (just like beer), is gluten free – so no bloat and most importantly, leaves you buzzed and without a hangover. So we believe India definitely is ready for Seltzers, but they lack awareness about the category and what it offers. Once this gap is met, we believe the alternate beverage space is bound to boom.

IST currently comes in two flavours – Grapefruit Smash and Lime Smash. The Grapefruit Smash is backed with hints of pomegranate, and our Lime Smash is backed with Chardonnay.

We would love to explore a potential feature in your publication. Founders Krupa and Kunal would be open to talking about the following points;

– The gaining popularity of Hard Seltzers

– Seltzer Vs Beer Vs Ready to Drink – What is the difference?

– How is India ready for this new wave of drinking