The Mint Enfold, a homegrown gourmet label, born from the pure desire to offer a range of conscious and guilt-free snacking options. With an honest approach to healthy food, The Mint Enfold cherishes the age-old wisdom passed down by our grandmothers – ‘the secret to feeling better and living happier lies in consuming real and wholesome food’.

The Mint Enfold; a passion-fueled endeavor to create a range of gourmet products that offer a guilt-free nutritional experience. Founded by Ritika Agarwal, a Certified Culinary Nutrition Expert, and self-confessed foodie, the brand’s mission is to revolutionize the way people perceive nutritious food. Ritika adds a touch of health and an abundance of taste to her culinary creation. The name “The Mint Enfold,” embodies the essence of the brand’s vision. Inspired by the herb mint, which symbolizes freshness, vitality, and nourishment, the brand envisions its products to be wrapped in the same vibrancy and goodness. Just like a hint of mint elevates a plain glass of water, The Mint Enfold elevates mindful snacking to a whole new level – refreshing, energizing, and always all-natural.

The brand believes that good health and taste can coexist harmoniously, debunking the myth that healthy food is mundane and tasteless. Instead, they present a collection of products that are not revolutionary but echo the wisdom of generations – “Eat real, healthy food, and thrive.” No weird chemical or preservative names here; just genuine, wholesome goodness that you can pronounce with ease.

Ritika’s culinary expertise and passion for food have inspired a menu that boasts bestsellers like “Dark Chocolate – Almond Butter Cookies”, “Maple-Cinnamon-Pecan Granola”, “Grain-Free Granola”, “Chocolate-Chip Cookies”, “Almond-Orange Truffles”, “Hearty-Herb Crackers”, “Basil Pesto Dip”, and “Muhammara Dip”. Each creation is carefully made in small batches with utmost care, ensuring a delectable and nutritious experience. They have also introduced single-serve Hot Chocolate packs crafted with clean ingredients, making them refined sugar-free and vegan. These convenient packs are perfect for on-the-go indulgence, ensuring a guilt-free and delightful treat anytime, anywhere. The brand’s ethos of a young and fun approach towards conscious snacking is reflected in their new range of gift boxes with bright and vibrant colors. These boxes are a delightful way to share the message that healthy snacking can be enjoyable and exciting. And that’s not all – The Mint Enfold has taken indulgence to new heights with their Chocolate Charcuterie boards. These exquisite boards offer a variety of healthy options like cookies, brownie fudge bites, fruits, nuts, dried fruits, and churros, all paired with a luscious chocolate dip on the side. These boards are a testament to the brand’s dedication to providing delectable yet health-conscious treats that redefine the concept of decadence.

They have also launched a new category – single-serve Hot Chocolate packs with clean ingredients that are refined sugar-free and vegan and very convenient when on-the-go and travel-friendly. They have also come out with a new range of gift boxes with bright/pop colors that are in tune with the brand’s ethos of a young and fun approach towards conscious snacking; that healthy is not boring and can be fun too! Also, they are coming out with something extremely exciting – Chocolate Charcuterie boards that include everything that can be paired with chocolate dip on the side, aka cookies, brownie fudge bites, fruits, nuts, dried fruits, churros, and the best part – everything is healthy – think gluten-free, refined sugar-free, vegan. Decadence just got a new name courtesy The Mint Enfold’s Chocolate Charcuterie Boards!

The Mint Enfold caters to a diverse audience, encompassing health and fitness-conscious individuals, moms-to-be, mothers, school-going children, working professionals, corporates, athletes, and anyone with a busy, on-the-go lifestyle. Orders are being delivered Pan India through their social media handle. Breaking free from stereotypes, The Mint Enfold redefine wholesome eating as an invigorating and delightful experience.