What happens when the World’s Tastiest Chicken comes together with the nation’s beloved Biryani? An interesting amalgamation of flavours and taste is what you get – all in a Bucket! KFC India delights fans yet again with an innovative product – the KFC Biryani Bucket – crispy, juicy KFC chicken with flavourful Biryani rice. It’s the biryani of your dreams and just the thing that fans have been demanding from KFC’s Colonel Sanders. For every time that the Colonel got asked “Biryani kab banaoge?”, finally, the wait is now overzz for Biryani loverzz! This latest offering from KFC is replete with all things biryani, with a distinct KFC twist. Starting with flavourable rice that forms the essence of any biryani, spiced with the choicest of condiments; mixed with crispy fried onion that’s typical to a biryani, and the highlight being the topping of KFC’s signature chicken. No biryani is complete without a gravy on the side, and of course, the Colonel perfected his creation of KFC Biryani with a spicy gravy as a side for that perfect kick of flavour. With the right texture, flavour and aroma, this is nothing short of being Biryummy! Did anyone say what’s a biryani without variety? Choose from 4 delectable variations including Hot & Crispy Chicken Biryani Bucket, Popcorn Chicken Biryani Bucket, Smoky Grilled Biryani Bucket and Veg Biryani Bucket.  The indulgent KFC Biryani Bucket will be available across all KFC restaurants in the country. The crispy, crunchy, and wholesome offering is backed by KFC’s 5X Safety Promise of Sanitization, Screening, Social Distancing, and Contactless service with Vaccinated teams. While all surfaces and frequently touched areas in a restaurant are regularly sanitized, team members and riders are screened regularly for their temperatures. You can get your biryani cravings fixed in a completely contactless & safe manner – through delivery, takeaway, KFC to your Car/Bike and during dine-in. All takeaway orders also come with the added promise of Express Pickup, where orders are readied for pick-up within 7 minutes, failing which, customers are offered a complimentary piece of Hot & Crispy chicken. All KFC favorites can also be easily ordered on the all-new convenient KFC app, available on Google Play and the App Store.  Get ready to be treated to a burst of flavours, as the KFC Biryani Bucket is out to surprise you with every bite!  Starting at INR 169, the KFC Biryani Bucket is available across KFC restaurants in the country as well as available on delivery & take-away on the KFC App and website: https://online.kfc.co.in/