If you were looking for an apt reason to order a pizza for lunch today, The Greedyman Pizzeria gives the perfect one. The popular pizza chain is opening a new cloud kitchen in Andheri East and to mark the occasion, has introduced a new menu of Romana-style pizzas. Prepared with their signature 36-hour slow-proof dough, the thin crust pizzas will be made with a secret rolling style to give it the perfect crunch and paired with locally sourced ingredients in the toppings.

The Greedyman Pizzeria was established in the year 2015 as a specialisation in Naples-style pizza. Made with San Marzano tomato sauce and quintessential pairing with Mozzarella cheese, these thin-crust pizzas secured a spot in every pizza lover’s heart. The positive response helped them make a seamless expansion to 8 dark kitchens and 1 bar in Pune. The latest cloud kitchen outlet in Andheri will offer pizzas similar to that of Rome, with stretched dough to ensure thin crust and added crispiness.

Artichoke, olives, red bell pepper, ricotta, shitake mushrooms, sun-dried tomatoes, and a choice of meats from grilled chicken, pepperoni, bacon, and ham, you have a variety of pizzas to choose from. Some of the pizzas from the new 11” menu includes Quattro Formaggi with 4 types of cheese, White Fungi with shitake and button mushrooms, Pulled BBQ Chicken, Spicy Pepperoni, Bacon and Three Cheese, Artichoke and Ham, Amatriciana with a special bacon-infused tomato sauce, red onions and olive oil.