The great Khali has been doubling down on some interesting hobbies of late. His recent attempt at the jaltarang or twisting balloons to achieve some shape, has left his fans and followers in a frenzy. Even in his latest post, he is seen happily pedalling away on what seems like a miniature sewing machine and goes on to add that he has mastered the art of embroidery.

The all-new KFC Double Down Burger has in fact been the inspiration behind Khali’s new interests. Confides Khali in his latest post – kuch naya chakhoge, tabhi to kuch naya sochoge! And we couldn’t agree more; the Double Down Burger is unlike any other burger out there. Kyuki isme hai upar bhi chicken, neeche bhi chicken.

Khali said, “I had begun wondering how mundane my everyday was, the same routine day in and day out. But one bite of KFC’s Double Down Burger induced some new energy and thought into me. And I decided to seize every moment thereafter and tried my hands at everything – making music through jaltarang, turning balloons into different shapes and even sewing and embroidery. When the concept of the burger itself is so unique – upar chicken, neeche bhi chicken – how could I possibly stop myself from trying out unique stuff? You never know what I may try next.”