The Burger Company, known in India for its unusual burgers, is entering this new gastronomic category head on, with its all-new the Unmeatable Burger, which will be available at select stores soon.

In recent months, the market for plant-based foods in Western countries has boomed. Plant-based meats, which are created totally without the use of animals, meet all of the criteria, including being healthier for people than their animal-based counterparts while tasting and looking the same.

Neelam Singh, founder and CEO, The Burger Company, said, “We at The Burger Company, India, are 100% committed to providing sustainable meat alternatives and to being one of the first to introduce new product categories to all burger fans. Since last year, we’ve been working on plant-based meat burger patties, and we’ve finally created a product that would undoubtedly appeal to our Indian palates. We will gradually introduce this new category to all stores, beginning with premium stores, and will soon expand the product line to include Plant Based Nuggets, Chicken Drumsticks, chicken strips and much more.”