TATA Starbucks is taking things a notch higher by extending International Coffee Day (October 1st) celebrations for a week. Toasting to the journey from bean to cup, this weeklong celebration will include a dedicated Coffee master’s Program called Master Brewers and a seven-day Coffee experience series that has been specially curated for customers.

This program brings alive the nuances of growing and sourcing ethical coffees from across the world, processing & roasting of different coffee’s to funfilled brewing and latte arts curated by Starbucks for its customers and delivered by Starbucks Coffee masters. It will empower them to transcend the ordinary and become true masters of the art of crafting exceptional coffee, ultimately earning the prestigious ‘special apron’—a symbol of pride and distinction traditionally owned by the best baristas in the business. This program is, in essence, the golden key for coffee enthusiasts to join the ranks of the coffee elite.

International Coffee Week is not just a celebration; it’s a unique opportunity for coffee enthusiasts in India to immerse themselves in the world of coffee crafted especially for them by Starbucks. Here’s a glimpse of what’s in store for them:

Coffee Experience Series: In addition to these bespoke coffee masterclasses, TATA Starbucks has curated a selection of seven distinctive coffee engagement programs at their stores throughout the week, promising an unforgettable coffee experience for all. Each day at 4 PM, these programs will feature unique coffee tastings, each centered around a different theme, aimed at expanding your coffee knowledge. It’s an open invitation to discover, learn, and celebrate the world of coffee like never before.

Expressing his delight on this initiative, Sushant Dash, CEO of TATA Starbucks, remarked, “Celebrating our journey into India, where the specialty coffee culture was just blossoming, we took a pioneering role in refining and introducing this culture to a predominantly tea-drinking population. Today, we stand as the catalysts of this transformative shift, as consumers increasingly seek a deeper connection to their coffee. They yearn to uncover the story behind their brew, to truly immerse themselves in the essence of specialty coffee.”

He further added, “Our curated program and week-long in-store experiences have been tailored to cater this exact curiosity of today’s coffee enthusiasts, who not only desire premium experiences but also possess a deep appreciation for the intricacies of coffee, right from its origins on the farm to the final cup. This initiative is a testament to our commitment to fulfilling their quest for coffee knowledge while celebrating the true essence of coffee excellence.”

International Coffee Week celebration at Starbucks includes special promotions and a series of exclusive, coffee-centric experiences designed especially for its Indian customers, offering a unique opportunity to partake in the festivities while also sharing in Starbucks’ unparalleled coffee expertise. Starbucks India mobile app would also bring alive these unique tastings which customers can view and participate in across the 7 days.