The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) has said that tapioca sago and other standardised starches can be manufactured or processed in the same premises.

FSSAI has issued a clarification on the issue of grant of licence for manufacture or processing of tapioca sago and other starches in the same premises and stated that after appropriate inspection and verification of the food safety management plan and layout plan, the FBO can carry out the production.

“The matter has been reviewed and is hereby clarified that there is no prohibition on the manufacturing of tapioca sago and other standardised starches as per FSSR in the same premises,” reads the notice by FSSAI.

It is pertinent to mention here that FSSAI had received representation seeking clarification on allowing manufacturing of tapioca sago and maize globules or blended starch balls in the same premises while addressing the concerns related to adulteration of tapioca sago with other source of starch like maize.

FSSAI, however, added that care should be taken to rule out any chance of operational mixing or combined storage or package of these products.

“The FBOs shall ensure clearly demarcated separate areas for receipt of raw material, storage and packaging and distinct processing lines, if these products are being manufactured in the same premises,” reads the FSSAI statement.

The state food departments were also asked to keep a strict vigil with regular surveillance and inspection of such premises. And ensure that standards of tapioca sago and maize starch must be complied with.

The FSSAI has further clarified that the combination of standardised products to formulate a Proprietary Product is allowed in cases of mixes of starches, till the time it is complying with the sub-regulation 2.12 of FSS (Food Products Standards and Food Additives) Regulations, 2011.

And, the labels of such proprietary products shall also clearly depict and state that the product is a blend of starches along with declaration of percentage composition of each starch and the process of preparation of the blend.

“The FBO should ensure that there is no confusion regarding the identity of the product (with sago or tapioca products), either in calligraphy or pictorials on the label of such products,” concludes the FSSAI statement