As the mango season hits its peak, Swiggy Instamart is experiencing an unprecedented surge in demand for India’s most beloved fruit. With a record-breaking sale of 2500 tonnes of mangoes – enough to whip up more than 40 million glasses of mango lassi – it’s clear that the mango craze is sweeter than ever.

From Bangalore to Mumbai, mango mania spans across cities with close to a million unique users experimenting with over 14 different varieties of the fruit. Notably, Bangalore leads with close to half a million orders and a city user spending a whopping INR 46,588 on Mangoes. A user from Chennai isn’t far behind, as they placed orders for mangoes weighing over 55 Kgs this season. That’s enough to generously serve every viewer at a houseful Tamil blockbuster screening in the theatres!

The frenzy isn’t just for the ripe delights; raw mango sales have also soared, evoking childhood memories of tangy, spice-laden treats. This year’s data for mango sales reflects the diverse preferences of Indian consumers and illustrates how Swiggy Instamart has been able to accommodate the high demand, particularly during peak order times between 7-10 AM.

With innovative offerings and unparalleled convenience, Swiggy Instamart continues to be the go-to platform for all seasonal fruits and mango lovers, ensuring every craving is just a click away. Stay tuned as we continue to deliver sweetness, one mango at a time!