Suzu Agro Private Limited (Food for Future), Mumbai based ready-to-cook and ready-to-eat, food products company, now set to revolutionise the market through technology-driven, sustainable, and healthy range of ‘Aaj Pakao’ packaged food products.

Aaj Pakao aims to empower people without the leisure of time to cook good food at home, quickly and hygienically. The ease of cooking makes it easy for even people without any culinary skills to prepare dishes like pav bhaji, Kashmiri Rogan Josh, Chettinad Gravy or rajma.

For quick on-the-go breakfast meals, they have introduced a range of boiled sprouts which are delicious as well as full of protein to provide energy for the daily grind. They are also the first in this segment to bring in ready to eat sprouts which are boiled and sprouted.

Prachi Patil, co-founder and CEO, Suzu Agro, said, “We have entered the market with a vision of using advanced technology-driven manufacturing and packaging processes for our unique range of products. These are ready-to-cook gravies, packaged sprouts and preparations such as rajma or chhole that can bring delight to any household. With the massive need for such quick to cook and eat products across India, we aim to transform the scenario, and encourage more people to cook at home conveniently and frequently. The products come in pre-boiled form and are absolutely natural as well as preservative free. Consumers can use their own masala and recipe combinations to cook these in as little as 60 seconds without compromising on quality or taste.”

Aditya Patil, co-founder and COO, Suzu Agro, said, “I believe that it is important to integrate health and sustainability into our food routines, and technology is going to be the enabler for that. We have integrated AI and advanced technologies in ensuring lean, and environment-friendly manufacturing and packaging for our products. One of the biggest advantages of Aaj Pakao products is that they have a shelf life of 12 months which ensures that the consumers get the same freshness and taste of the food even if the packet has been stored for months. All that the customer has to do is to pour the ingredients into the pan, add desired masala and boil the food. There is almost no limit to the options and consumers can use the products to cook any gravies based on lentils from different cuisines.”