India’s very own home-grown wine brand, Sula Vineyards is all set to start harvesting grapes after the year’s warm, dry summer and good rainfall – a good omen for wine production.

Veraison is an important stage in a grapevine’s lifecycle; it’s the onset of ripening when the grapes change the color that marks the point where sugar accumulation and ripening begins. The black grapes turn from green to red. The white grapes become more translucent.

For winegrowers, veraison is an important time because it signals a change in the way they care for their vines. Each region and each type of wine variety requires slightly different care to achieve perfect ripening. Sula has been taking considerate steps to adapt well to climatic changes and since 2016 has been pruning the vines earlier than usual which has resulted in an early harvest.

Karan Vasani, senior vice-president and chief wine maker, Sula Vineyards, said, “We have been monitoring the weather and waiting for the first signs of colour in the grapes. The weather has been good so far. Only the best of grapes with perfect colour and ripeness make it to our production facilities. It’s one of my favourite times of the year, as the vineyards begin to explode with beautiful colors. We look forward to another great year for our harvest.”

Interestingly, the interval from veraison to harvest is different for each varietal and is largely dependent on heat accumulation and crop size.

For example, for red varieties like Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon – from pruning to veraison it takes approximately 80 days and from veraison to harvest about 75 days. For white varieties like Chenin, Sauvignon, and Riesling – from pruning to veraison it takes approximately 75 days and from veraison to harvest about 65 days.

We expect this year to be excellent for wine quality on account of favourable weather conditions. The company not only gives farmers an assured income but it also handholds them throughout the process. This economic upliftment has helped farmers with a better quality of life. Similarly, the company’s effort to educate the country about wine and propel wine tourism to where it is today is also bearing fruits