Sula Vineyards, has always considered sustainability as one of the key pillars for success. It is not a fad but a Sula way of life. Being the flagbearers of all things wine in the country, the brand has continuously focussed on the importance of sustainable winemaking. 
As the proud curators of wine tourism in the country, the brand’s hospitality offerings are truly unmatched. Accredited with the opening of India’s first heritage vineyard resort – The Source at Sula was recently listed in the top 5 green hotels of the year at India Hotelier Awards 2019. 
The company firmly believes that being sustainable is the only way to conduct business, and on the occasion of World Environment Day, India’s leading winery shares its ecofriendly and sustainable activities across all operations, with a hope to inspire and drive change.
The company reuses all the on-site wastewater generated which totals up to over 40 million litre. More than half of the energy consumed at our sites is generated by solar panels. We have eliminated the use of plastic at the vineyards including replacing the plastic bottles of mineral water with glass bottles.  
The company is completely organic at The Source at Sula. All chemicals previously used in floor cleaners are now replaced with organic or natural replacements guaranteeing a chemical-free environment for our employees and guests. It has biogas generation plant, where all the food waste generated at the resort is fed to the plant and resultant biogas is used to fuel the kitchen. 
The company has replaced individually wrapped toiletries like soap, shampoo and conditioner with refillable and reusable dispensers.  We also undertook a conscious decision to not have bathtubs in our resort, even in suites. A bathtub can over 200 litre of water which instead could be put to better use. 
Karan Vasani, senior VP & chief winemaker, Sula Vineyards, remarked, “Sustainability is deeply etched in all our business operations. Our vineyards and winery operations are environmentally friendly, socially responsible, and mindful of the earth’s limited resources. We proudly say we make wine keeping the future in mind.”
Taking the brand ethos of innovation a step higher, the company launched Dia Wine Sparkler – India’s first wine in a can. To ensure sustainable packaging for this one of a kind product, the brand partnered with Canpack, which is one of the largest manufacturers of metal packaging in the world. The aluminium cans ensure that the wines cool down quickly, are easy to transport, and protect the wine from sunlight and air. Aluminium as a material is also greatly recyclable.