Overweight and obesity are among the highest risk factors for widespread ailments like diabetes and cardiovascular disease. To prevent these diseases, many consumers want to change their lifestyle. In addition to exercise and healthy diet routines, vitamins and minerals can help to reduce weight. Furthermore, scientific studies show that micronutrients are important for weight-loss diets since these are often accompanied by micronutrient deficiencies.

The goal of lifestyle changes is not just weight reduction, but also holistic wellbeing. Micronutrients and plant extracts help meet further objectives, like reducing stress and promoting healthy sleep. With the new micronutrient premix SternWeightWellness from SternVitamin, manufacturers can address exactly these needs.

Selected ingredients for weight wellness
The new premix offers a combination of selected vitamins, minerals and plant extracts that help with weight management. For example, L-carnitine and chlorogenic acid from green coffee beans help to reduce weight. Vitamin C inhibits the formation of mature fat cells and assists in energy metabolism. Vitamin B6 maintains fat-free mass, while chromium can help to reduce hunger and cravings.

In addition, natural caffeine from guarana, green coffee beans and green tea reduces weight gain and increases energy expenditure. B-vitamins provide mental energy for a holistic sense of wellbeing. Ashwagandha alleviates symptoms of stress, while prebiotics support the gut microbiome. According to scientific studies, the gut microbiome has a great influence on obesity and weight management. Studies also show that the gut influences mental health via the gut-brain-axis. The premix was designed for capsules and can be adapted to other applications.

Rising interest in meal replacements
Meal replacement products are a well-known way to support weight loss. However, they are increasingly used as a complete breakfast, lunch, or dinner, that provides all important macro- and micronutrients without much effort. At the same time, this product category serves the consumers’ desire for a healthy lifestyle. Demand is therefore rising – according to a prognosis by market research institute Grand View Research, long working hours and increased sedentary behaviour will continue to drive demand for ready-to-eat meal replacements. The institute projects an average annual growth of 6.5 per cent through 2025. SternVitamin develops customised micronutrient premixes for meal replacements that are designed specifically to address customer needs and meet complex regulatory requirements.