Sleepy Owl, the country’s leading D2C coffee brand has launched cold coffee cans, thereby expanding its product offering and widening its accessibility as a brand.

It’s summer outside but winter in our cups, courtesy of Sleepy Owl’s newest additions – 3 flavours of cold coffee served in a can, which is a sip of freshness and the best energiser for whenever you’re on the go. The ultimate cooler for coffee lovers, this thicker, bolder, and creamier delight is the perfect drink to enjoy for the seekers of convenient indulgence.

Through this product, the brand aims to close the gap between convenience and experience for those looking for a premium yet affordable cold coffee option, which has been one of the key USPs of the brand and reflects across all its product offerings.

Made with its signature Premium Instant Coffee & Real Milk and is available in three delicious flavours – Classic, Salted Caramel and Hazelnut. These contain no artificial flavours or preservatives. The cold coffee has been thoughtfully packaged in an aluminium can, made of infinitely recyclable material, making it a sustainable offering.

Ajai Thandi, co-founder, Sleepy Owl Coffee, said, “We have been looking forward to our Cold Coffee for a long time now and we’re really pleased to finally launch our three premium delicious flavours for all our coffee and cold coffee lovers. Like our previous launch of the Premium Instant Coffee, the thought behind our Cold Coffee too is to bridge the gap between convenience and experience and offer a “Real Good On-The-Go Cold Coffee”. You’ve had it, but nothing like this before. With this product, we will also be foraying into retail in newer cities such as Bangalore, Ahmedabad, Chennai, Hyderabad, and Jaipur, to name a few.”

Ashwajeet Singh, co-founder, Sleepy Owl Coffee, said, “Furthermore, with summers already here, we saw no opportunity better than this to offer our audience a chilled refreshing energizer that’s so rich in comparison, not only in terms of flavour but also texture and colour. It is without a doubt a great product for consumers who prefer traditional, indulgent Cold Coffee with a rich milky texture.”