Sid’s Farm, a premium D2C dairy brand based in Telangana, announced a slight increase in the retail price of the A2 Buffalo Milk and A2 Double Toned Buffalo Milk. The new prices, applicable per 500 ml pouches, are Rs 55 for the A2 Buffalo milk variant and Rs 44 for the A2 Double Toned Buffalo Milk one. The company has decided to not alter the cost of the cow & skim milk variants.

The A2 Buffalo milk undergoes a rigorous quality assurance process after being sourced from raw buffalo milk. Despite a considerable increase in the factor cost of procuring raw buffalo milk in the last six months, sufficient care has been taken by Sid’s Farm to limit the price rise to as less as possible. However, the seasonal drop in milk output by around 50 per cent from April to September further limits milk supply and thereby increases the cost of production through various procurement overheads. The dairy industry has been struggling with cost inflation, which is largely due to intrinsic challenges such as changing weather patterns and unforeseen issues like Lumpy Skin Disease in cows that impacted cattle over the last year. This has led to an adverse impact on milk production. Also, to consistently maintain the high quality their product is known for, Sid’s Farm takes a diligent customer-centric approach to ensure zero tolerance for antibiotics in their milk, a safeguard which often results in a relatively higher rejection rate of raw milk.

Dr Kishore Indukuri, the founder of Sid’s Farm, emphasized the importance of customer trust and satisfaction, promising to always deliver honest and high-quality milk and dairy products. Despite the rising costs, Sid’s Farm had delayed increasing their prices for as long as possible. However, due to no relief, a slight price increase for their A2 Buffalo Milk was necessary.

A2 buffalo milk is rich in A2 beta-casein protein and free of A1 beta-casein protein, which is essential to its nutrient value. Sid’s Farm’s A2 Buffalo Milk has a higher protein, fat, nutrient, and lactose content, leading to a feeling of fullness and helping to reduce weight gain and control body fat.

Since 2016, Sid’s Farm has been a pioneer in advocating for pure and healthy milk and milk products. With strict regulations and rigorous testing processes, the company ensures that only the highest quality of milk and dairy products are produced. To safeguard against any potential adulteration at a micro level, Sid’s Farm conducts extensive tests for the presence of urea, sugar, glucose, starch, peroxide, baking soda, caustic soda, formalin, melamine, and three classes of antibiotics at every container / can level. The company also meticulously tracks the fat and solids not fat (SNF) content in milk and employs the Methylene Blue Dye Reduction Test, the gold standard for assessing raw milk’s quality.

With a state-of-the-art lab that conducts over 6,500 tests daily, Sid’s Farm ensures that its customers only receive genuine, adulterant-free milk and dairy products. The company’s unwavering commitment to quality is reflected in its painstaking attention to detail and its ongoing efforts to set the highest standards in the industry.