Sid’s Farm, a premium dairy brand based in Telangana, has taken up a challenge in raising awareness around the consumption of pure and fresh milk. The brand has taken up the role to generate public consciousness around adulterated milk. The brand will conduct a live milk testing initiative every weekend in different stores in Hyderabad.Last week the campaign was successfully conducted in around 24 stores (Grofers, M Mart, Green Leaf Stores) in Hyderabad for the incoming customers for their detailed understanding of fresh and pure milk.Commenting on the awareness drive, Dr Kishore Indukuri, founder and MD, Sid’s Farm, said, “Nowadays, various types of antibiotics are being used worldwide in the veterinary sector indiscriminately for promotion of growth and treatment of livestock. Significant portions of antibiotics are released through the milk of dairy animals unaltered and exert serious harmful effects on human health. At Sid’s Farm, we tirelessly test every litre of milk for 3 classes of antibiotics apart from other adulterants every day. Every Saturday and Sunday, we are conducting this campaign to create awareness in the public perception, the detrimental effects of consumption of antibiotics, and the urgency of understanding pure, adulterant-free milk.”According to a study conducted by Global Research on AntiMicrobial resistance (GRAM), 1.27 million deaths across the globe could be attributed to antimicrobial resistance. It is also a huge economic burden for people paying for health out of pocket. It is hence important to reduce inappropriate and excessive ingestion of antibiotics, especially through the food we consume every day.“My team is continually committed to the production of superior dairy products and proudly claims that we sell 100 percent hormone and antibiotic-free milk. We are also conducting live milk testing of our milk for the customers in selected stores,” he added.