Ssaffron, the award-winning Indian restaurant at Shangri-La Bengaluru, is excited to introduce a delightful array of Punjabi flavours conceptualised by celebrated culinary expert, Chef Tikka Manpreet Singh. Bringing forth nostalgia-induced flavours and recipes borrowed from the pages of history, the pop-up menu journeys across the rustic and vibrant heartland of Punjab, and will be available to diners in the city till 30th July 2023 for lunch and dinner.

With his extensive culinary experience spanning two decades in various luxury hospitality brands and having specialised knowledge of Punjabi cuisine, Chef Singh has curated a menu with authentic cooking techniques and the highest-quality ingredients that feature a string of bygone flavours. Explore a wide array of starter options to indulge in, including, Kalonji Pudiney Walli Tandoori Machhi – a delectable tandoori-style Bekti fish speciality marinated in a blend of yoghurt and spices, Kaley Masaley Da Tandoori Murgh – succulent flavours of bone-in Tandoor chicken marinated in richly spiced Indian masalas, yoghurt, and fragrant fenugreek leaves, Khumaani Di Seekh – a harmonious blend of minced apricot, pistachios, almonds, cardamom, and ginger cooked in a Tandoor and various other options to delight on.

The main course boasts a generous serving of wholesome vegetarian and non-vegetarian surprises with highlights such as Ajnaaley Da Magaz Masaledar – a distinct lamb dish infused and perfected with mustard oil and various aromatic spices, Ludhiana Da Dahi Kali Mirch Murgh – a city-famous black pepper infused chicken enriched with cream and fenugreek, Faridkot Walley Meat Koftey – tender minced mutton balls simmered in a fragrant gravy, Muktsar Walla Saag Maans – fresh spinach preparation finished with Ghee, Ujjagar Singh Di Aloo Wadiyan – flavourful housemade lentil dumplings cooked with potatoes.

Complement the rich flavours of the main course with a diverse selection of rice options including Kadhai De Tadkey Walla Murgh Pulao – an enticing Handi-style combination of tender chicken and aromatic basmati rice, Zimikand Te Mutter Da Pulao – a signature Ghee flavoured rice preparation tempered with yam and green peas, and an array of Indian bread such as Missa Parantha, Khameeri Looni Naan, Murgh Tikka Kulcha, lived-cooked Choprdi Roti Gheeyo Di and more. For a sweet service to the palate, enjoy an extensive selection of traditional Punjabi desserts, including delights like Jamun Rabdi, Kalakand, Phirni Badam Walli and Kulfi Falooda Rabdi Walli.