Sattvik Council of India, the world’s first and pioneering vegetarian food and lifestyle Standard Development Organisation has exclusively launched Sattvik Verified Chukde Spices- Lifestyle Foods Pvt. Ltd., which has its base of providing ‘The Safest Spices of India’ emphasizing that all the spices have been processed in compliance with Sattvik Management Standards ensuring 100% vegetarian processing of the products.

The certificate was handed to Deepak Luthra, chairman of Lifestyle Foods Pvt. Ltd., by Abhishek Biswas, founder and secretary general of Sattvik Council of India.

“It’s a pleasure to associate with a brand like Chukde Spices, where the objective is to increase the natural and safe use of spices and set a benchmark by terminating the processes harming nature. Sattvik Verification is important for the Spices and their Packaging that is being produced in compliance with Sattvik Parameters to gain trust and confidence in the Vegetarian Oriented Market. Our vision is to cover all the upcoming organisations focusing on Vegetarian Friendly Food and Lifestyle in 2 years, so that Sattvik Certified food and lifestyle can reach each and every location in India,” said Biswas.