Royal DSM launched a new brand campaign targeting the human nutrition and health markets. The concept reflects the company’s evolved strategic direction in human nutrition and health as an end-to-end partner within the value chain, by championing the purpose behind the products that help solve the world’s greatest nutritional challenges and keep the growing global population healthy.

Following significant growth through new product development and a strategic focus on key market segments and selected acquisitions, the new brand strategy includes restructuring the company’s broad human nutrition and health portfolio around three key pillars: high-quality products, customised solutions and expert services. It reflects the company’s position as a reliable, innovative, purpose-led partner and communicates how the extended capabilities include end-market expertise across its early life nutrition, food and beverage, nutrition improvement, dietary supplements, pharmaceuticals and medical nutrition segments.

Philip Eykerman, president, DSM Human Nutrition and Health, said, “Our organisation has undergone significant growth in recent years, building on a strong, decades-long legacy in the nutritional ingredients market but we know that it takes more than ingredients to create brighter, healthier lives for consumers worldwide. By recalibrating our positioning, we aim to demonstrate the added value that we can bring when co-innovating with our customers at every stage of development – from concept to consumer.”

The ‘Products with Purpose’ campaign brings the company’s end-market expertise to life through a range of concepts that express how the company sees the individual impact of every human nutrition and health product in a distinct and engaging way. By drawing attention to purpose, it demonstrates the company’s unique understanding of the humanity of the end-consumer and the real life benefits that nutritional products may have on the health and wellbeing of people worldwide.

The ‘Products with Purpose’ creative will be rolled out across multiple touchpoints including trade press, digital advertising and social media, inviting customers to learn more about how partnering with the company with its broad offering can ignite growth through co-innovation.

Maha Elkharbotly, vice president, business line, specialty nutrition, DSM Human Nutrition and Health, said, “Where our competitors see each product as merely an item on a shelf, we are able to see beyond that to reveal the greater purpose behind what we do at DSM. Rooted in our values of responsibility, sustainability and value, the ‘Products with Purpose’ strategy aims to elevate the customer experience and cement our place as a key strategic partner for the human nutrition and health market.”

An important example of how the company is innovating to help its customers create products with purpose is its investment in personalised nutrition solutions. Recent advances in digital technologies and data availability, together with people’s growing desire to take charge of their own health and wellness, have resulted in considerable momentum in this emerging field.
The company has embarked on several launches of personalised nutrition platforms with key partners. The most recent is a holistic immunity solution that combines lifestyle elements and tailored nutritional recommendations targeted at employee benefit programmes, including the company’s own.

James Bauly, head of personalised nutrition, DSM Human Nutrition and Health, said, “With immunity in the spotlight more than ever before, a personalised approach to nutrition through specific nutrient formulations has the potential to truly support consumers in optimising their health for a more resilient future. Personalised nutrition requires expertise across multiple disciplines such as diagnostics, data acquisition, manufacturing and distribution to ensure the development of truly personalised products that will empower consumers to make data-driven, conscientious choices that can positively impact their health. We are continuing to invest in this space to build on our position as the only fully-integrated platform partner in this field, with a robust pipeline of end-to-end solutions across multiple health benefits.”

Where other providers merely see products, the company sees purpose. As a reliable, end-to-end, innovative, purpose-led partner, the company offers a broad portfolio of science-backed products and customised solutions powered by expert services uniquely aimed at supporting your entire product life cycle, from concept to consumer. This takes more than ingredients; it takes a partner.


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