OneRarehas unveiled the collaboration with renowned chef and dessert king, Reynold Poernomo.

Poernomo, the ultimate master of desserts, came into worldwide prominence with his memorable journey on Masterchef Australia. Since then, he established Koi Dessert Bar in Sydney, and has delighted diners and foodies with his imaginative masterpieces.Poernomo is a firm believer in the visual journey of food as it entices diners through taste and texture, enticing all senses.

True to the innovation he sparks in his desserts,Poernomo has joined hands with the company to celebrate his culinary journey in the most cutting-edge technology of today, the blockchain. It will create an exclusive NFT forPoernomo’s signature dish and it will be introduced into the foodverse.

Poernomo said, “It’s incredibly exciting to see the metaverse touching into almost every area of our lives, even food. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for us all with OneRare