Corn starch (also known as maize starch) and corn flour are both derived from corn grain. While corn flour is mostly used as a thickening agent for kitchen purposes; maize starch has many uses.

But did you know that there are 2 variations of maize starch? One is native corn starch and the other is modified corn starch. Native corn starch is a white, tasteless and pure form of starch. Whereas modified starches are obtained from native starches as a result of physical, enzymatic or chemical processing methods.

These types of corn starches are primarily used in: Paper & Packaging, Textile, Food, Pharmaceutical, Color, Adhesives, Building Materials, etc. The value-added products from these corn starches are used in Food & Beverages: Baking, Confectionary, Sweeteners, etc. The modified starches are used in Adhesives, Textiles, Food, Paper, Foundry, and Packaging. Basically, the uses are endless.

Future Growth of the Industry/Industry Outlook:

The native starch market in India is expected to reach 8.5 Million Tons by 2026, according to IMARC Group’s latest analysis, “Native Starch Market in India: Industry Trends, Share, Size, Growth, Opportunity, and Forecast 2021-2026.”

Maize has also been the fastest-growing cereal crop in India in terms of area, production, and yield as per a recent report published by Yes Bank and PWC in association with FICCI.

Who are we?

Regaal Resources Limited (RRL from here on) one of the leading corn wet milling company in Eastern India engaged in manufacturing of the best quality:

  • Starch (primary product)
  • It’s byproducts such as Gluten, Germ and Fiber/Enriched Fiber
  • Value added products such as Corn Flour, Custard Powder, Baking Powder, Icing Sugar, etc.
  • Modified starches such as Yellow Dextrin and White Dextrin

The company is led by Mr. Anil Kishorepuria, with a business legacy of over 50 years. The company’s manufacturing unit is located at Galgalia, Bihar, which is one of the major hubs of maize production in India. The company is headquartered at Kolkata, West Bengal.

Why Choose us:

  • RRL is strategically located in the corn growing belt of India and has close proximity to multiple selling markets both domestic and export.
  • Our ability to optimize production by effective utilization of the plant, best production practices and low-cost modifications – enabled crushing of ~ 275 MTPD against the capacity of 180 MTPD and 375 MTPD against the capacity of 330 MTPD.
  • Our team is young, dynamic and entrepreneurial which has helped our company optimize in all areas of business, leading to fast growth, frugal innovation and the company being tech-enabled.
  • We use the latest technology in our plant, have a fantastic technical/commercial team, ensure great relationships with all vendors/suppliers, produce the best quality starch in the industry and always approach business with a customer-first approach.

Our Expansion process:

At present we are crushing between 350-375 MTPD. We have recently started making some value-added products, namely Custard Powder, Baking Powder, Icing Sugar, Corn Flour, White Dextrin and Yellow Dextrin.

We are currently in the process of nearly doubling our capacity to 600 MTPD and adding a whole host of modified starches and a lot more.

With a strong team, positive mindset, ability to manage change and customer centric approach we are excited to see what the future holds for us.