Rajdhani Foods, known for its flagship product Rajdhani Besan, collaborated with the Institute of Bakery and Culinary Arts (IBCA) to organize “Rasoi ke Dhurandhar”, a culinary competition in Vikash Puri, New Delhi. The two-round competition sponsored by Rajdhani Foods brought together ordinary people with an extraordinary passion for cooking and gave them a platform to challenge themselves and showcase their talent in front of a panel of seven culinary maestros, like MasterChef finalist Kamadeep Kaur.

The competition commenced around 9.30 am, wherein the registered participants presented their unique signature savory dishes cooked at home in front of the jury, which comprised seven renowned chefs from all over the country who judged on the basis of execution, preparation, presentation, and, of course, taste. The final round was a live cooking round where the participants had to prepare a main course dish using “Rajdhani Besan” as the key ingredient alongside a rice dish under the guidance and feedback of the culinary gurus.

Mr. Chetan Jain, Director of Rajdhani Foods, expressed, ” Rajdhani Foods is extremely pleased to become a part of such an emulous yet ambitious competition. We also feel honored that our flagship product was used so creatively and skillfully by each participant. This was yet another reminder of the significance of such competitions in inspiring budding.” He further added, “Each participant was a winner in their own right.”

“In the heat of the moment, several contestants exceeded their own limits to present unconventional dishes with a simple ingredient like Rajdhani Besan”, said Ms. Kamaldep Kaur, the MasterChef India 2023 finalist. She further said, “Many of the signature dishes of the participants were spellbinding and left all the judges in complete awe of the participant’s ability to use everyday ingredients with such novelty and fluency to produce delectable dishes. They sure didn’t make it easy for us to make a decision.”

The winner of Rajdhani Besan’s Rasoi ke Dhurandhar competition received a huge cash prize of Rs 5,100, while the first runner-up and second runner-up received cash prizes of Rs 3100 and 2100, respectively. Overall, the event was a huge success, which allowed cooking artists to step out of their comfort zones to keep their passion for cooking art alive. Rajdhani Besan is a trusted and high-quality product by Rajdhani Foods, that has been a household name in India for five decades, alongside Rajdhani’s high-quality goods like sattu and chana dal. Recently, the company forayed into the Healthy Breakfast Cereals and Snacking Segment with chemical-free cornflakes, choco flakes, oats, makhana, sabudana, and roasted chana as offerings.