Quaker, a trusted name and pioneer in the oats segment, proudly announces the addition of celebrity power couple, Kiara Advani and Sidharth Malhotra, as its newest brand ambassadors. This momentous collaboration signifies the fusion of Quaker’s 145-year legacy in advocating the ‘goodness of oats’ worldwide with the contemporary influence and appeal of Kiara and Sidharth.
The brand has been dedicated to delivering their valued promise of bringing oats to more people in more delicious ways and has pioneered innovative ways to uphold this commitment. As a modern nutrition brand offering a diverse range of oats-based options, Quaker continues to redefine how oats are embraced, establishing them not just as a breakfast choice but as versatile ingredients for a variety of tasty and nutritious meals.
Relaying her excitement, Kiara Advani, commented, “Oats have been a constant part of my diet, a delightful addition that I truly love. They’re my morning and evening essential, a wholesome choice with nutritious energy. Partnering with Quaker resonates with my belief in maintaining a balanced lifestyle without compromising on taste. I’m excited to collaborate with Quaker to highlight how oats, with their inherent goodness, effortlessly elevate everyday meals, making conscious eating both convenient and delicious.” “Teaming up with Quaker feels like the perfect match, as oats have long been my go-to to get an energized start to the day. When it comes to a speedy, wholesome meal, they are my top pick; quick to make and filled with goodness. I look forward to showcasing how these versatile oats seamlessly fit into anyone’s schedule, transforming mindful eating into a delightful journey.” expressed Sidharth Malhotra.