Exercise or extra fries? If you’d rather choose the latter, your next Netflix marathon is incomplete without a gourmet delight from Weekend Burger Co. Credited with introducing the city’s first DIY burgers, have all the makings of a perfect night. Depending on what you have lined up on your must-watch list, here are the burgers that will complete the ambience.

Simpsons + Cheetos Chicken burger
It is impossible to visualise Homer Simpson without a bag of munchies in hand, and it stands to reason that your next Simpsons marathon commands a meal worthy of this snacking savant. For your next cheat meal, travel back in time with the home kitchen’s signature cheetos chicken burger. Expect a sumptuous serving of brioche, lettuce, gherkins, shallots, cheetos cheese sauce and the secret ingredient, the weekend sauce.

How I Met Your Mother + American Weekender burger
While the gang sets out on a quest for the best burger in New York, the home kitchen’s American weekender burger will help you hit the jackpot, without ever having to move off the couch. Inspired by the culinary capital, the burger serves up exquisite fried chicken with blue cheese dip, gherkins, lettuce and weekend hot sauce.

Masterchef Australia + Katsu Sando burger
The culinary behemoth has been tempting our tastebuds for the better part of the past decade. And if the picture-perfect Japan week on Masterchef Australia season 9 left you with an irresistible craving for Japanese cuisine, the home kitchen offers up the next best thing. The Katsu Sando menu is headlined by its namesake burgers, a lip-smacking amalgamation of chicken (or tofu) katsu, curry sauce, curry mayo, zingy slaw, jalapeños and lettuce


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