Parle Agro amps up its iconic sparkling beverage, Appy Fizz with the launch of a high-energy 360-degree multimedia campaign. The latest ad offers a visually stunning experience, featuring brand ambassador, Kriti Sanon. The campaign highlights Gen-Z’s desire for an elevated experience in every moment.

The ad film revolves around the idea of elevating any moment into an extraordinary one. Reflecting the brand’s philosophy of injecting excitement and vibrancy into its audience’s lives, the campaign resonates with the youth, who seek memorable experiences that are both aspirational and share-worthy on social media. The TVC brings this concept to life, exuding attitude, aspiration and confidence. With peppy music, dynamic visuals, and a blend of English and Hindi lyrics, the ad captures the essence of the vibrant party, where it sets the energetic and electrifying tone for the festivities.

Ankit Kapoor, head of marketing and international business, Parle Agro, said, “I believe our brands have the power to make life enjoyable, fun and extraordinary. Gen-Z lives and breathes by the mantra of YOLO and Appy Fizz, with its crisp, sparkling taste and Fizz, will once again show how any moment can be extraordinary. The four-month long cricket season will also offer numerous such moments of enjoyment where the brand will have a natural role to play in elevating the spirit of T20 cricket celebrations. Resonating with the spirited Gen Z, for whom a dull moment is simply not an option, our goal is to create an experience that mirrors their zest for life, positioning Appy Fizz as the ultimate companion for elevating every moment.”

In her statement, Nadia Chauhan, joint managing director of Parle Agro, expressed the company’s ambitious vision for its brands and commitment to seizing the abundant opportunities present in the beverage industry. She emphasized Parle Agro’s proven track record of venturing beyond conventional boundaries, embracing innovation, and embracing disruptive ideas as integral to their growth strategy. This summer, their primary focus is on unleashing the full potential of their brands, with a special emphasis on the beverage, renowned for its unique positioning and aspirational appeal. Chauhan expressed that their objective extends beyond mere product launches; they aspire to redefine the industry landscape, ushering in a new era of growth and disruption.