ICMR- National Institute of Nutrition (ICMR-NIN) and Ind Food & Beverage Association (IFBA) join hands to work together in educating the Indian consumers about the need of varied diet consisting of healthy, hygienic, processed / packaged food. The integral goal for both associations is keeping consumer health and safety implacable.

Together both the associations will create, educate and enhance awareness on food safety and consumer behaviour. Few integral topics to highlight are the impact of consumer perception of food safety and consumption pattern, relevance of ‘safe storage temperature’, consumer behaviour in labelling and so on.

ICMR-NIN is a national premier research institute which has achieved close integration in its research activities between the laboratory, the clinic and the community.

Dr Hemalatha R, director, ICMR-NIN, said, “The micronutrient deficiency in the country can be addressed by bringing behavioural changes across population groups. ICMR-NIN has joined hands with IFBA to disseminate scientific and factual information from likes of Ministries to Angawadis to create awareness about the need of diversified diet consisting of good quality, hygienic, processed / packaged food.”

Deepak Jolly, chairperson, IFBA, said, “We are thrilled about partnering with NIN, which has done path breaking research in nutrition & dietetics to protect & safeguard public health. India is a huge and a varied country with a variety of nutritional needs that are region specific. One size does not fit all, therefore making it imperative that people should make informed choices through awareness and education based on Indian studies & research that are relevant for Indian people.”

Both the parties will jointly work towards sharing knowledge about the scientific studies conducted by NIN and other international credible and scientific institutions with Food and Beverage Industry. They will create an enabling environment through communication and education for the consumer to make informed healthy choices of sustainable and nutritious food and beverages.

Efforts will be made to access information on advanced food processing techniques to maintain food safety and nutrient value of the food by means of novel methods of preservation. IFBA is an alliance formed to achieve the common goal of protecting, supporting, and growing the Industry in India through shared responsibility and accountability, as well as building long-term credibility and trust by changing the perception about the food and beverage industry in India by partnering with Government, scientific institutions and consumer organisations.