Cocoatrait debuts 2 new Sustainable Indian Bean to Bar brands and hosts the largest collection of Indian chocolates at Chocoa, Amsterdam

Cocoatrait continues to and has just concluded its latest effort of introducing new brands to the global audience via its exclusive platform at Chocoa in Amsterdam. The Indian ambassador to Netherlands Mr Venu Rajamony visited the Cocoatrait- India booth and appreciated the efforts being put in by Cocoatrait to bring Indian farmers and Bean to Bar makers in front of the Indian audiance. The 2 sustainable brands which made its debut were Kocoatrait, India’s most sustainable bean to bar brand and Paul & Mike, a Tree to Bar brand from the 1600 crore Synthite group. Paul & Mike aims to become carbon Neutral by 2023 and Kocoatrait currently is the most sustainable chocolate brand and does not use any Plastic or paper in its packaging and uses only organic ingredients. The Cocoa husk wrapping material made with reclaimed cotton has captured the attention of the audiences at Chocoa! L Nitin Chordia from Cocoatrait has been the consultant for both these brands and has set up the bean to bar processing unit, equipment, formulations and recipes for both these brands. Kocoatrait offers Indian flavours like Masala Chai and Sukku Coffee and Paul & Mike offers Indian fruits like Alphonso Mango, Sitaphal and Jamun in chocolate! Some exotic flavours offered by the brands Include, Red Rose, Balkan Rose, Coconut Milk & Cinnamon and Amazonian Pink Pepper! It can be noted that, in the past, Cocoatrait has introduced all the Indian farmers and Bean to Bar makers that operate currently in India to the global audience via its exclusive platform. Cocoatrait also hosted 2 tasting sessions with the largest ever collection of Innovative Indian flavours during Chocoa. We are proud that both these brands have been born as a result of our 3 day bean to bar certification program hosted at Cocoashala. We shall be back in 2020 to Chocoa with an India pavilion making the Cocoatrait-India the platform for Indian Bean to Bar chocolate makers and cocoa framers to reach out to the world!” promises L Nitin Chordia, founder of Cocoatrait, India.

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