Alstrut cordially invites you to attend the New Product Launch Cobotizur at PackPlus

Alstrut is a company based out of Chennai offering robotics and end of line automation solutions to discrete manufacturing industries across India. Solutions include automated/semi-automated assembly lines, conveyors, work stations, end of line automation, etc.  Industry verticals where we have delivered projects are automobile, auto-component, electrical, electronics, FMCG, food, packaging, pharma, etc. You can see website for more details.

Alstrut recently launched a new product ‘cobotizur’ which has applications specifically in the packaging industry – FMCG / food / pharmaceutical.

‘cobotizur’ is a modular, plug and play equipment which can be integrated with the UR10 or UR10e collaborative robot from Universal Robots to provide the user a ‘collaborative robot palletizer’, automating palletizing of carton boxes on to a pallet.

At Alstrut Booth 11.72 at PackPlus Exhibition, you can see the live working display of cobotizur integrated with Universal Robots UR10e. Also on display is another UR5 robot being deployed for ‘Case Packing Application’.

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