Nestlé has maintained the number one position in a?ranking of?food and beverage manufacturers?on?making healthy food affordable and accessible to consumers.

The?Access To Nutrition Initiative (ATNI),?Global Index, assesses the 25 largest?food and beverage manufacturers in the world on their nutrition-related policies, practices and performance.

The company’s?top position is recognition of its?longstanding commitment to nutrition and health as well as its engagement to help tackle the global challenges of obesity and undernutrition. The company?also topped?the last?ATNI?Global Index in 2018.

The company has substantially improved its score on the nutritional quality of its portfolio, driven?in part?by higher?consumer?demand for?healthier?products.

ATNI also recognised?the company’s?strong governance and nutrition strategy.

Some highlights?include:
The company’s commitment to make nutritious food available to people at all income levels. That includes fortification with vitamins and minerals to address nutritional deficiencies.

A well-structured strategy on obesity and diet-related chronic diseases aligned with international guidelines,?such as the?WHO recommendations on sodium and sugar intake.

A strong policy on responsible marketing to children.?
Support for government efforts to combat all forms of malnutrition.?

Transparent reporting against the UN Sustainable Development Goals.?

Rob Cameron, global head of public affairs, Nestlé, said, “People around the world are struggling to access nutritious and affordable food. Our goal is to offer food and beverages that are good for people and the planet. We are proud of the recognition by ATNI and take this as encouragement to continue our work to improve nutrition and health. Businesses have a crucial role to play in tackling global nutrition challenges