Mr Milkman, India’s leading SaaS platform empowering dairies and other industries to manage customer subscriptions and deliveries with unrivaled efficiency, has upgraded its app to offer a more dynamic user experience. Now the app is much easier to navigate and is packed with user-friendly features.

The dairy tech platform has added multiple new features – Add to Bag, Vacation Mode, New Shop Page and many more; revamped its Wallet and Help and Support sections for its customers to seamlessly manage their orders without any obstacle.

The company has over 100,000 plus subscribers to the app, and they offer back-end support through a live chat option, easy navigation tools, and multiple in-app and web view options for ease of shopping. In the ‘add to bag’ feature, customers have an option to place one-time orders without a subscription plan and even do bulk purchasing on the app.

To make payments easier, the platform has integrated multiple payment gateways to provide flexibility to its customers. Apart from the consumer application, it has also upgraded an easy-to-use field application for the delivery riders to manage customer data and deliveries. From having an easy-to-read analytics tool integrated to instantly sending wallet recharge links to customers, the app offers them seamless navigation facilities.

Mr Milkman also helps new customers (dairy and other food suppliers), to go live instantly with their app. Commenting on this feature Samarth Setia, co-founder and CEO, Mr Milkman by Ever.Ag, said, “Earlier, the client onboarding time was close to four weeks for us, but with the latest tech upgrade, we are not only offering our clients the option to go live instantly but also offering a gamut of features and services to the end consumer to make their in-app experience enjoyable, hassle-free and quick. Our end goal is to provide a dynamic user experience to our clients and consumers.”

Sumit Jain, VP technology, Mr Milkman by Ever.Ag, said, “With this app upgrade, we have followed the proactive approach whereby we have worked on our backend systems and added observatory tools that will help our developers know of any inefficiencies, errors or incidents in the system even before the customer faces any issues. We want our customers to enjoy a seamless shopping experience on our app.”