With the pledge to change the way that milk is produced, processed, and consumed, Mittal Group brings Mittal Happy Cows Dairy Farms brand “Mr. Milk”, promising to bring the purest and freshest desi cow products to its consumers in Mumbai. With an 85 acre Farm located near Lonavala, Mittal Happy Cows Dairy Farms has successfully been able to serve the people of Pune with their excellent farm-fresh products that were delivered and continue to cover over 3000 doorsteps. With the aim to reach out to more households across the country with their desi cow products, the group announces an expansion to the city that never sleeps. The launch of Mr. Milk will be spread in two phases in the city: Phase 1 has been activated this month, which covers – Sion, Chembur, Ghatkopar, Ville Parle, Bandra, Santacruz, Khar, and Andheri to Borivali. In Phase 2, Mr. Milk would also cover Worli to Nariman Point in July 2021.

Mr. Milk intends to offer the healthiest and freshest Indian cow products to its consumers. Currently, they have A2 Desi Cow Milk, Desi Cow Ghee, and Desi Cow Paneer. They assure to bring A2 Desi cow milk that has ample Omega-3 fatty acids, Desi cow Ghee which is made using Vedic Bilona method and is 100% pure and natural, and Desi cow paneer which is prepared homemade style and is naturally soft without any softening agents. The milk is currently delivered in recyclable paper cartons and their other products are packed in eco-friendly packaging too. A2 Milk is Safe for Lactose Intolerant People, has 9 Essential Vitamins and Minerals along with 8gms of protein in every glass of milk. Mr. Milk has recently launched fresh and creamy A2 Desi Cow Dahi as well.

Mr. Naresh Mittal, Founder of The Mittal group, and Mr. Milk envisage bringing about a revolution in the dairy industry and desi cow breeding. “We ensure that the cows receive a nutritious diet as that improves the A2 desi cow milk quality. Additionally, to keep them comfortable, there are water sprinklers in the cowshed which are activated once the temperature rises and humidity is dropped. The large dairy fans keep the cows and the shed cool during hot climates”, adds Mr. Mittal about the farm cows.

He further explains, “Keeping the process hygienic and healthy, our milking parlor is fully automated by DeLaval, a Swedish company which pioneers milking technology all over the world. The milking clusters give a hand massage-like stimulation for milking and the milking action is similar to hand milking or calf suckling. Our Cows pass through shower tunnels while going for milking. This keeps them clean and fresh.”

The brand has also created an app called Mr. Milk Mobile app that allows customers to subscribe, place an order, pay online and get their milk delivered at their doorstep within 24 hours of milking. Their farm is designed as a retreat for their 350+ cows where every cow has a diet requirement ratio set by its nutritionist. “Total Mix Ration” system is followed where different feed is loaded as per the diet requirements. Further to ensure an adequate supply of fresh drinking water, the farm has installed automatic water troughs which work on an automatic level sensor. This 85 Acre farm also has open paddocks for each shed where cows enjoy a sunbath whenever they feel like it. These sheds have soft bedding for comfort, as well as massage brushes installed, where the cows can simply stand and get themselves massaged. Each cow is tagged with an RFID monitor to track its health and well-being.

Mittal Group owns several businesses but is known for its real estate company that offers premium construction yet affordable future to its customers. ‘Mr. Milk’ was established to provide the best nutritious milk and desi cow products from Farm to Home. Mr. Milk would also be expanding and launching other dairy-based products in the future to its customers.