Mondelez International is evolving the widely loved Toblerone chocolate brand with innovative formats in key markets, bringing to life its updated brand signature ‘Never Square’. The iconic 115-year-old brand is supporting the new positioning with significant investments in premium product offerings, marketing and advertising, and expanded distribution.

Inspired by luxury brands, the global ‘Never Square’ campaign looks at conventions and standards with a cheeky, authentic point of view, positioning Toblerone as a premium chocolate offering.

Mie-Leng Wong, senior vice president of Global Brands at Mondelez International, said, “We’re excited and inspired by the new brand platform, ‘Never Square,’ which pays homage to the values embodied by founder Theodor Tobler. He embraced originality and created a triangular chocolate in a world of squares, and this platform is our way of inspiring people to do just that.”

In line with the brand’s refreshed style and messaging are new premium product offerings and gifting options:

? Toblerone Truffles are an exciting combination of the original taste of Toblerone with a new, velvety smooth truffle centre and familiar bites of crunchy honey and almond nougat, wrapped in a unique diamond shape. The truffles recently made their debut in United Kingdom, Switzerland, and Australia, as well as airport duty-free stores in key markets. They will expand to other countries next year.
? Tiny Toblerone packs are expanding to US retailers, making the premium chocolate brand, once available predominantly in airports, accessible to a wider range of US consumers. Tiny Toblerone packages are offered in two varieties: classic milk chocolate with honey and almond nougat, and a variety pack of milk, white and dark chocolates with honey and almond nougat.
? Gifting options became more personalised with Toblerone’s new online gifting platform, offering another way to embrace individuality. Launched last year, allows customers to choose from a curated assortment of formats, flavours, and sleeve designs, as well as adding their own personal message on packaging.

The updated creative approach for the brand shines through in UK advertisements promoting Toblerone Truffles, which feature the gemstone-shaped chocolates as luxury jewellery. Additional creative elements will roll out in other markets in the coming months. An example of the ‘Never Square’ creative can be viewed here, and a 30-second Toblerone Truffles campaign.

Along with updating the brand’s positioning, offering Toblerone in these smaller sizes supports the company’s goal of continuing to provide a wide variety of portion sizes and shareable options to help people enjoy chocolate as part of a balanced lifestyle and mindful diet. In Mondelez’s 2022 State of Snacking Report, 78% of survey respondents across 12 countries said they take time to savour indulgent snacks, and 61% said they take time to portion out snacks before eating them.

“Savouring an appropriate portion of a treat like chocolate and focusing on truly experiencing it with all your senses can help make it easier to fully enjoy snacking as part of a balanced lifestyle,” said Michelle Pickering, senior vice president, Research & Development for Global Chocolate and Cocoa at Mondelez International.