Mumbai’s premium seafood fine dining restaurant Ministry of Crab (MOC), has given its patrons one more reason to celebrate! The restaurant has launched a new lip-smacking dish — the Crab Biryani — to its already existing seafood menu!

The exclusive recipe curated by chef Dharshan Munidasa features 1.5kg of the iconic mud crab (de-shelled after cooking) and premium Basmati rice cooked together in an aromatic blend of traditional Sri Lankan spices.

Munidasa said, “Biryani is a very well-loved dish across India but what is commonly available is chicken and mutton biryani. I’m thrilled to break the mould and introduce the rich, wholesome flavours of our crab biryani to the world. This dish will give our customers at MOC an experience unlike any other. From the original flavours we use to the quality of crabs, to the way we serve it at the table, the crab biryani experience at the MoC is a class apart and we look forward to sharing the same with all the biryani lovers.”

The Crab Biryani at MoC is served in the same clay pot it is cooked in on ‘dum’ — a form of slow cooking that intensifies the aroma and flavour of a dish. The richness of the biryani is balanced by a fresh mint sambol hand-ground on a Miris Gala (grinding stone), a classic Malay pickle made to a family recipe of one of the staff members at the flagship in Colombo, and a light and creamy crab bisque gravy, all served along with the pot of biryani.