With increasing globalisation, the competitive pressure is rising throughout the industry. Industrial producers are facing growing cost pressure on the one hand and increasing quality requirements on the other. Efficiency is the key word and the measures to improve it go far but do they reach far enough into the future? With its ‘Invest to Save’ initiative, the global supplier of industrial weighing and inspection technologies, Minebea Intec, supports customers on their way to increased efficiency and shows which long-term decisions lead to a faster return on investment.

The company demonstrates how precise technology, professional advice, efficient service and staff training can lead to significant cost savings. Initial additional costs pay off quickly over the years and thus offer an earlier return on investment. The company experts are available to advise interested parties, for example, on the analysis of their total cost of ownership, which visualises all cost factors.

The background of this is that when investing in new equipment, it is often only the equipment price and, if applicable, the design-in that are decisive for the purchase, while costs for maintenance, repair or wearing parts are given little consideration. The list of indirect costs is long: the lack of compatibility with other manufacturer’s products or the non-use of technical features can also make a purchase more expensive in the long run.

This is where the company supports with innovative tools on the website and holistic consulting offers. Depending on the weighing or inspection requirements, smart product features are also considered, which pay off for the producing industries in the long term.

Small function, big effect: Trend Control for check weighers
A good example of smart product features is TrendControl, which is available for numerous dynamic check weighers from the company. It benefits customers from all industries that use filling, portioning or cutting machines. While overfilling is characterised by unnecessary material loss, the opposite is equally negative for production: underfilling during production can result in expensive recalls and thus cause lasting damage to the brand. To avoid this, many producers often accept unnecessary overfilling, which causes additional costs. Trend Control of the the company check weighers counteracts this by controlling upstream filling and portioning processes. As a result, the dynamic check weighers prove to be an investment in greater efficiency and less raw material consumption.

SPC@Enterprise software for statistical process control
Another product from the global supplier is the in-house SPC@Enterprise software from the technology provider headquartered in Hamburg, Germany. The modular software combines classic fill quantity control with dynamic process control for a variety of different systems and thus efficiently supports quality management.

SPC@Enterprise collects data from a wide range of devices and systems along the production line and efficiently supports the optimisation of production processes and product quality. The pleasing result for manufacturers: less production waste, fewer risks, shorter downtimes as well as significant savings in the items labour time and operating costs.

Service tool miRemote – instant support across countries, time zones and restrictions
For a production manager, nothing is as expensive as equipment downtime. The company contributes to optimising efficiency here as well. The manufacturer’s intuitive augmented reality service tool miRemote helps reduce avoidable production downtime and offers direct service whenever and wherever customers need it.

The immediate on-site service works with the help of an app that is launched either via smartphone, tablet or as a web app. Using a live video connection, the company’s service technician sees what the customer sees via the unit’s camera and can give direct instructions or overlay supporting information.

The possible applications of miRemote are manifold. From operator correction to error analysis to quick identification of the right spare part, all functions are designed to support the user in his work and efficiently reduce any downtime.

Saving today – for tomorrow?
‘Invest to save‘ is a comprehensive topic that industrial manufacturers can approach in many ways. For a quick first contact, the company website offers free calculators, white papers and also a TCO sample calculation to become active within the initiative itself. With just a few clicks, interested parties can find out, for example, when the investment in the Trend Control of a dynamic checkweigher or the SPC@Enterprise software will have paid for itself. An extended range of tools and, of course, the entire horizon of experience in the field of weighing and inspection technology are available for a personal consultation.